Morris Village Historic District

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Morris Village Historic District

National Register posted a photo:

Morris Village Historic District

Morris, New York
Listed 02/20/2013
Reference Number:13000031
The Morris Historic District is significant under National Register criteria A and C in the areas of settlement, community development, commerce, transportation, and architecture. Located in the Butternut Creek in western Otsego County, the immediate area remained unsettled until after the American Revolution. Its early settlers were French migrs fleeing the French Revolution and ensuing Reign of Terror. By the early nineteenth century, Louisville emerged as thriving industrial hamlet capitalizing on water power drawn from the Butternut Creek and other smaller watercourses. Tanning and textile industries both proved profitable. Located near a fording point of the Butternut Creek, Louisville also thrived as a small commercial center. Several churches serving various sects were also established. The village of Morris was established in 1870 and a 500-acre was parcel set aside for the corporation. The historic district encompasses this boundary as well as several properties partially or entirely outside the village boundary. These are the Hillington Cemetery, an adjacent, highly intact rural cemetery incorporated and laid out in same period as the village; a Quaker cemetery associated with the early settlement of the village; the fairgrounds, associated with Morris from the late 1870s, which straddles the corporation line; and an intact lot representative of the Hillington Tract’s original subdivision.

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